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Precision Audio Labs is one of North America's last Precision Vintage and High-End audio service centers. Our Techs are Factory-Trained and have more than 40+ years of experience working on brands like Audio Research, Kenwood, Pioneer, Marantz, McIntosh, Sansui, and many more!

Over the last 30 years, high-end audio service centers have become almost extinct. Most High-End audio techncians who are well-versed in transistor and vacuum tube audio equipment have retired or moved-on to the great Ampitheater in the Sky. We are very proud to be able to offer these skills to those of you who love your audio equipment as much as we love restoring your gear to factory-perfection!  For questions, please email us at info@precisionaudiolabs.com

The most important decision in finding the Right Service Center is to find experienced, knowledgable, and trustworthy technicians who will give the very best care to your audio equipment. If you need a repair or you are looking for a total restoration, to include LED panel-lamp upgrades, we can help you get there! Please scroll down and enjoy some of our favorite stereo brands and models that we restore every day. Thank you for visiting Precision Audio Labs!

Marantz 2270

We Are So Glad You Found Us!

Precision Audio Labs is located in the Saint Louis, Missouri area. Our technicians have worked in the best high-end audio service centers across North America and have also provided service for our local Broadcast Industry and local recording studios. We promise you realistic turnaround times and we provide you with before-and-after photos from the Initial Assessment to the Final Repair or Restoration.

McIntosh MHA100
What Sets Us Apart From Most Service Centers?

Precision Audio Labs has the education, experience, and the attention-to-detail that your equipment needs for a long and healthy life. We achieve a strong focus with each-and-every repair that we perform. Our technicians use industry-required-and-calibrated test equipment in order to properly benchmark each repair. We do not allow distractions in our shop in any form. We achieve a high degree of excellence by adhering to these simple guidelines:
  • We provide detailed before-and-after repair photos
  • We provide component-level repairs for all equipment
  • We rigorously test your unit to ensure Perfection
  • We use only factory-replacement parts for all repairs
  • We benchmark your repair to meet-or-exceed specs
  • We provide you with full test performance reports
  • Audio Research D-75
    If You are Looking For The Very Best in High-End Audio Repair and Restoration, You Have Found Us!
    McIntosh MC275
    If You Love Your High-End Audio Equipment, You Have Come to the Right Place. We Can Make it Like New!
    Pioneer SX-1980
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