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Precision Audio Labs offers the very best in the repair & restoration of high-end audio equipment. Marantz, McIntosh, Pioneer, Sansui, Audio Research, and Perreaux are just a few of the brands that we repair and restore. Our 40 years of experience repairing high-end consumer audio equipment make us the perfect choice for your next repair or complete restoration. Exceptional and experienced stereo repair companies are almost extinct, but our factory-trained and highly experienced technicians are still here to serve your specific needs. We have the experience, expertise, skill, industry required test equipment and attention-to-detail that you are looking for. Please scroll down to find out more!

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Precision Audio Labs has the education, experience, and the attention-to-detail that your equipment needs for a long and healthy life. We achieve a strong focus with each-and-every repair that we perform. Our technicians use industry-required-and-calibrated test equipment in order to properly benchmark each repair. We do not allow distractions in our shop in any form. We achieve a high degree of excellence by adhering to these simple guidelines:

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